The 11th Call

He called me 10 times using different lines, and every time I picked up but never uttered a damn word and I guess this heated him up. So when he called the 11th time I said, “hello…” But in his response he said something that really insulted my ego, he said, “musirusiru gwe toddamu kuba ku namba ya mukyala wange mulundi mulala” (you stupid fella don’t try calling my wife’s number again.) Mhhaa… that insult uprooted me down from my cool and I had to bring it out on him the only best way I knew how. I said, “is that how you appreciate a man who has been helping you out with your wife on those lonely cold nights when you were away on your business trips? And all those nights you let her starve when you couldn’t erect up to perform your bedroom night duties claiming that you had business stress?”

Okay, let me start from the beginning…. “I have been sleeping with this really beautiful skinny but religiously married woman (though a little mature) for close to three years now. It’s always been an either side beneficial relationship; I help her out on those ‘husband – away’ nights and she also helps me where I fall short financially. And that’s how it’s been since some time in 2010.

So yesterday I call her to make her know that I’ll be in Kampala next week on wednesday so we could plan on how and where to meet that day, not knowing that the husband had a premature return back home from his business trips. I call twice and no answer. The third time I call she picks up (I assumed she did). But it wasn’t her who answered; it was him (the husband). But as it is my personal policy, be it an incoming or outgoing call, I never say a word until the party on the other side of the phone speaks first. So when he said “hello….,” I just hung up and I guess this caused thoughts in his disorganized ‘map of Nigeria – like head.’ So he calls me back using the wife’s number…  I pick up but I don’t say a word. He calls again 10 times but using a different number for every call. And each time I picked up but still said nothing not until the 11th call when I humbly said “hello…….” I guess I have already told you what happened after that hello. But what I haven’t told you is what actually happened between them in their home after that 11th call, but that will be for some other time because I’m also still waiting for her (his wife and my beneficial friend) to call me and narrate to me what happened between them after that 11th call.


When a bird is alive… it eats ants. When it has died… ants eat it. One tree can be made into a million matchsticks… but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees!
Circumstances can change at any time… Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in this life because of their unfortunate current situation. For you may be powerful today but time is more powerful than you.

A Son’s Letter to a Mother.

Dear Mother,

Just now I realized that man’s stay on earth is but limited and that our days are but numbered. And being mortal I know not what lies ahead tomorrow… Life is too short to live important words unsaid.

So if tomorrow never comes, remember this mother that you had a son and despite my teenage rebellions I adored you so much. When you gave birth to me I came with no instructions or guidelines on how to be raised. But judging from a man I am today, you really did a great job; it couldn’t have been any better. I know you loved me long before you even held me in your arms. I know while growing up, I made a lot of mistakes and for that I am sorry… I was but just a boy. Many times I made you cry when I went against your instructions and flew away with all the wrong company and at some point in time I am pretty sure you thought you had lost me to the world. I broke your heart many times but because of your love me you never at any one point cursed the day you gave birth to me.

Maybe it wasn’t the best life… for we never had it all. No father, no money, no chance, no nothing but you really did the best you could and dear mother, never, at any point in life blame yourself or ever think that you gave me so little because what you gave me is so much more than what I could ever need in this life. I can’t say I never had a guide because you were always there. Many times when I fell and couldn’t lift myself up, you always lifted me up and dusted off the dirt on me and encourage me to try again. You never ceased reminding me that that’s how life is always going to be; there are always going to be a few falls every now and then and that you won’t always be there to lift me up and for that I should always take courage to lift myself up and try achieving again, and so you equipped me with all the knowledge and skills that I would ever need to bring myself up when I fall. Trust me mother, if I ever had a better lesson that was the greatest.

Please mother, do tell my sisters that inspite of our differences they were and always will be dear to my heart. And to you mother, do remember that you are My Mother and I am Your Son. You are my life, my strength, my motivation, the reason why I have always dreamed big and ever doing the best I can to achieve great, for all I ever want to do is to provide you with the best life that no man ever did.

Every day that goes by your body grows weak and your strength deteriorates and it somehow breaks my heart that you can never be able to carry me in your arms again but please mother always carry me in your heart and never stop praying for me for all God’s blessings start with the mother’s.

I will always love you and there’s nothing or no one strong enough that could ever destroy my love for you…

Your Son,

Andrew Kibirango.

Nothing Can Ever Come Between Us.

Today I’m not talking about money, or politics… I’m not even plaguing you with my reckless overnight clubbing stories. Today I just wanna forget the world for a moment and revel in our eternal comradery.  In my heart I know there will never be a day that I don’t remember the times we shared. I remember those days that we innocently went through just having each other. You were a friend when I was at my lowest. And being a friend to me was not easy or even fashionable. Regardless of how popular I become, you’ll always remain my unconditional friend, unconditional in its truest sense. Did you think I could ever forget? Did you even think for one moment dream that I would ever ignore you? How could I ever do that really when you gave me so much to remember? If so, remember this; from here to forever, nothing can ever come between us.

You Ain’t God!

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Trust me, I know change is good and it’s what we all want, who wouldn’t want to see a better Kampala? But if in the process of bringing about change you hurt a lot of people, rendering them jobless… complete destitutes unable to take care of their families, making them total strangers in their own country and you still act like you don’t care just because you wanna prove your untamed ego and morals of belief, then you have no true morals of belief to speak of; you are just being driven by this highly accelerated wind and when it eventually stops and trust me sooner or later it will, and when you no longer have the force to push you, then you will remember that the impact of change can only be positive if the people are ready and have the capacity to embrace it.